Notre Dame Housing Opens New Life Enrichment Center

On February 21, 2024, Notre Dame Housing unveiled its new LIfe Enrichment Center –a space dedicated to combatting isolation, promoting wellness, and fostering community connections. With amenities such as a permanent food pantry, exercise space, and gathering areas, we aim to not only serve more people but to meet more needs of our residents and community members. The creation of the Life Enrichment Center is a testament to the dedication and vision of the Notre Dame Housing Board of Directors, staff, and residents.

Notre Dame Housing unveils new food pantry and Life Enrichment Center

By Taylor Johnson, WOWT Channel 6
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A better quality of life is what leaders at Notre Dame Housing are offering their residents. It’s an affordable housing community for seniors.

They’ve taken 5,000 square feet of unused space and transformed it into a food pantry and “life enrichment center.”

At one point, they weren’t able to store all their food donations in one place, but now they can.

The expansion also comes with refrigerators, which they did not have before. A TV room has been added, as well as a place for residents to exercise.

Entertainment, wellness and food security were some of the main needs residents asked for.

Therefore, leaders at Notre Dame Housing tell 6 News they’re working with local organizations to make sure those needs are always met.

“They provide blood pressure checks, flu shots, they go and repair wheelchairs and walkers,” said Sandra Koch, Notre Dame Housing’s vice president of advancement. “We’re hoping this can be a one-stop-shop and people can come in and use our facility for the food pantry and then also get some other programming at the same time.”

The food pantry can be used by anyone in the community. It’s open five times a month, every Friday and on the third Wednesday.

Donations are also being accepted. Information on how to do so can be found here.

Notre Dame Housing

Opening doors to housing, health and hope.

Notre Dame Housing (NDH) has provided affordable housing coupled with supportive services to low-to-moderate income seniors for 25 years. We envision creating a community that provides older adults with the resources to maintain a safe, comfortable and self-sufficient lifestyle.

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Affordable Housing

Our integrated service-enriched housing approach provides high-quality, affordable housing for seniors with lower incomes.

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Senior Center

The Seven Oaks Senior Center is committed to enhancing the dignity and well-being of seniors by enriching social relationships.

How we are helping

Notre Dame Housing is more than affordable housing. We provide not simply a place to live, but a community in which to thrive and give back. We know that health and wellness is an area of increasing concern for seniors. We offer individualized service coordination and plenty of group programming to stay active and engaged.

Services for Seniors

NDH relies on coordinated programming from dozens of community partners and employ an on-site service coordinator for individualized assistance. This approach is a radically different way to think about housing, health, and eradicating senior poverty with not only dignity, but grace and hope.

Community Impact

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Wouldn’t change a thing: First Notre Dame Housing Resident Turns 100

‘If I could live to be another 100 years, I’d want to be right here.’

by: Molly Hudson
Posted at 11:54 AM, Dec 26, 2023 and last updated 11:54 AM, Dec 26, 2023

  • Marion Bach was the very first resident to move into Notre Dame Housing. She moved in 26 years ago and earlier this month she celebrated her 100th birthday.
  • Family from all over, came to celebrate.
  • The video show Marion at Notre Dame Housing and photos with her family during the celebration.

American National Bank: American National Bank understands the unique needs of seniors, which is why they offer convenient monthly banking services tailored to our residents’ requirements. Residents enjoy hassle-free check cashing, seamless change retrieval, and effortless bill-to-quarters exchange, designed to simplify their banking experience.  


MerryMakers: Merrymakers provide enchanting entertainment for residents for monthly birthday party celebrations and other special activities designed to create lasting memories.   


Wise: Wise is a program that provides empowering education for lifelong learning for NDH residents. Through a generous grant, we bring residents a unique opportunity to participate in informative sessions that span 6 weeks during the spring and fall. Collaborating with Wise, our dedicated team ensures a diverse range of topics, ensuring each session remains fresh and engaging. We value residents’ input, and their feedback helps shape the program, ensuring we cover subjects that truly resonate with them 


Help Equipment and repair: Help Equipment and Repair offers complimentary quarterly visits to provide free maintenance services for walkers and wheelchairs. 


Food Bank of the heartland: Food Bank of the Heartland and Notre Dame Housing join hands to create a Community Food Pantry in Florence. We believe that access to nutritious food should be a fundamental right for all. That’s why we have established a welcoming food pantry in the Florence neighborhood, in collaboration with the Food Bank of the Heartland. This pantry warmly welcomes individuals and families from the neighborhood and beyond, providing them with a source of nourishment. Regardless of age, anyone can visit the pantry and receive wholesome food for themselves and their loved ones.  


Saving Grace: Saving Grace and Notre Dame Housing unite to combat food waste and insecurity. Together, we strive to reduce food waste and promote sustainability while addressing the issue of food insecurity. Notre Dame Housing has transformed into a redistribution hub, enabling individuals in the neighborhood to access and benefit from quality food items that are still perfectly edible but may not meet commercial sale standards. By joining forces, we take a stand against food waste, protect the environment, and ensure that good food reaches those who need it most. 


Community Action Program: Community Action Program provides monthly delivery of USDA commodities to 16 homebound, income eligible seniors.     


HomeInstead: HomeInstead spreads Christmas joy to residents of Notre Dame Housing. They are dedicated to making the holiday season magical for every resident. Their heartfelt efforts focus on providing Christmas gifts to ensure that each resident experiences the joy of receiving a special gift during this festive time of year. Together, we create an atmosphere of warmth and generosity, ensuring that the spirit of Christmas shines brightly within the Notre Dame Housing community. 


Nebraska Legal Aid: Nebraska Legal Aid empowers low-income seniors with pro bono legal support. Notre Dame Housing is proud to collaborate with compassionate lawyers who generously volunteer their time to provide crucial legal assistance to seniors facing financial constraints. Our goal is to ensure every senior has access to the legal support they need, regardless of their income level. Together, we strive to empower and advocate for our senior community, offering guidance and representation to navigate legal challenges. 


Methodist: Methodist enhances our residents’ health through Mobile Diabetes Care and Flu Shot Clinics. With a deep commitment to community well-being, Methodist brings accessible healthcare services right to our doorstep. Their dedicated team operates a mobile diabetes clinic on a monthly basis, offering essential health screenings such as blood pressure checks, blood sugar monitoring, and A1C testing. Additionally, during the fall season, they provide a flu shot clinic to ensure our residents stay protected against seasonal influenza.  


Douglas County Health Department: The Douglas County Health Departments helps safeguard our residents’ health with Fall COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics. These clinics offer a convenient and safe environment for residents to receive their shots, helping to strengthen community immunity and mitigate the spread of the virus. 


ENOA: The ENOA Senior Lunch Program is offered year-round to alleviate poor nutrition among older adults, especially those who live alone or on limited incomes. The meals are planned and certified by a dietitian. Combined with the regular socialization provided by our program, we enhance the well-being, health, and dignity of local seniors. This nutrition program seeks to enhance the physical and mental well-being of the senior population by: 

  • Encouraging a sense of dignity. 

  • Providing stimulating activities and volunteer opportunities. 

  • Augmenting participants’ financial resources by providing contribution-based meals. 

Meals are planned and certified by a dietician to meet one third of each person’s daily nutritional needs, based on FDA guidelines.  


Douglas County Housing Authority: Douglas County Housing Authority empowers eligible residents with Section 8 Housing Vouchers. They are committed to creating pathways to affordable housing for individuals and families in need. Through their Section 8 program, they offer housing vouchers to eligible residents, providing them with the opportunity to secure safe and comfortable homes. They understand the importance of stable housing and strive to empower our community by ensuring that everyone has access to suitable living arrangements.  


HyVee – Hy-Vee promotes health and wellness through nutritious cooking and food education. Their dieticians provide valuable guidance on healthy cooking techniques and comprehensive food education. From sharing nutritious recipes to offering personalized recommendations, they are committed to empowering our residents with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices for a balanced and nourishing lifestyle.  


Creighton University Dr. Becky, a professor of health nursing at Creighton University, collaborates with the Service Coordinator of Notre Dame Housing to explore ways in which her students can contribute to community health. As part of their practicum, the students from Creighton University engage in meaningful interactions with residents over coffee. They have a set of predetermined questions that they ask each resident and subsequently share their findings with Dr. Becky. Additionally, the students actively participate in assisting in the kitchen and supporting the Methodist Mobile Diabetes clinic. 


Gary and Mary West Foundation: The Gary and Mary West Foundation funds the salary of our Life Enrichment Coordinator. Over the past few years, the Gary and Mary West Foundation contributions have enabled us to employ a Life Enrichment Coordinator who possesses the expertise and insight necessary to bridge the gap between seniors’ needs and their ability to thrive. The Life Enrichment Coordinator is committed to offering diverse, public programming/activities for any local senior at our onsite senior center. Programming includes lectures, health clinics, and entertainment eventsCheryl does an excellent job promoting continued intellectual, physical, and spirited growth of the Notre Dame Housing residents and community.